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Journey Out.

Open something you can never close
till you have caught the answer.
Close it in on the beast, take it home,
use it as another step to questions.

You can’t, so you claim.
Yet I see that you will.
Truth is that you won’t.

You’re too scared to give up your
most cherished delusions
for hope of security in adaptation to truths
beyond the scope of your horizon

in preparation, to better influence the outcome.
Foreknowledge is forewarning, you have known that all along.
Yet you lie yourself down to sleep with your lullabies,
fight awakening by sleepwalking in circles,
kicking up dust to gag and deflect the logical.

Hear me: journey out.
It’s your only hope of hunting
this one down.

Don’t close the book
on this till you’ve read every last word,
as in any case, you’re only reading it as you write,
for it is the diary of your soul.

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