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The Weapon (4/2/03 Dream).

I saw a lot about the war going down on television. They were always airing these stupid speeches by Bush in which he communicated nothing of value, only attempting to provoke patriotism. In these short, stupid speeches he would assure the viewing audience that things were going great, the soldiers were doing great. The news always seemed to be reporting on how he was going to Camp David for the weekend. It was all so redundant.

Then there was a drastically different kind of news on the war, but I first heard it through some strange girl who instant messaged me over the Internet. She told me that Bush and his troops were moving out from where they had been located. I knew this to be because of terrorists, but when I get a sense of what happened I see a cyclone or a hurricane or something involving violent winds and water.

As I’m downstairs, listening to the news, mom and dad begin pulling down our long driveway. Just then I hear on the news that the troops had pulled out because Saddam had used a very powerful weapon. It was a small, rectangular device probably not much bigger than a thumb. They said that very few people in the world knew how to use it.

The thing was, I not only had such a device but had been unconsciously fiddling with it in my hand while watching the news. I don’t believe I knew that it was a weapon or how to use it, though I did feel as though I knew someone who did.

When I realized what the device was, my immediate reaction was that I needed to hide it from my parents. I was going to hide it by the bannister upstairs but feared they might find it there. Before they came in, I decided to just stuff it in my pocket.


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