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Fist in the Gut.

Its a knot
I’ll never loosen,
a fist that never
relaxes, the thorn
in my side
that will never
go away
till the much-awaited

Forever I oscillate
betwixt the numb and the rage.
I can see our chains,
the bars of our cage.

Wake up.
We’ve been blinded.
Insight is just a parasite
till we embrace the remedy.

This world
in which we live
isn’t real.
Its a collective fiction,
a game once made
in which we all participate.

Born into contract.
Born enslaved.

We don’t need to evolve
by piling on new laws,
we need a fucking revolution.

Still we wrap ourselves
in so-called civilization,
just walls
used to dissociate
from the natural.

I will never succumb
to your lies.
Never bleed on my knees.
I’ll fucking die on my feet
this time and I’ll come back
around until I can
turn this upside down
or if need be,
burn it all to the ground.


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