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On the Table.

Cool, still air penetrates.
Anesthetized, immobilized.

Supine on the table,
locked with almond eyes
as they gaze down on me,
into me.

Boundaries dissolve
as their mind
swallows mine again.

Rape beyond mere skin.

Throw doubt upon
my sense of identity.
No escaping you,
as I cannot escape me…

trying to hold on
to forbidden memory.

Mind twisting.
Heart bleeding.

Fucking lies.
Don’t toy with my mind.
How could it be?
If only I could reach out
to kill you
peer beneath the veil
and see me,
embrace unobstructed history.

Truths I need to survive
are buried within,
turning over in their graves.

Will remembering
destroy me?
Am I just a masque
for my enemy?

I can’t even trust me.

I’ll break you…


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