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Let Her Bleed.

My arm aches
to reach across the wireless
to bring rest to the restless,
calm to her chaos,
still I feel powerless.

Dying out there
in the American dream,
though painfully awake to reality,
she stands tall, smothered
in normalcy,
discharged, breathing room
sought through, sex,
drugs, liberating lunacy.

Every story,
saturating me.
So enlivening,
even as it kills me.

Company always feeding
Love, such a bitter, twisted,
endless game.
Containing the pain and strife,
seeking balance in a double life,
for one at a time
is not enough to provide space
for all she has to offer,
all she thirsts for.

Still, she is so much more
than all of this.

In the tension of the dichotomy,
itching for worlds to collide,
wishing for waters to kiss,
needing to become one.

Please, just let her sleep

Allow her inner strength
to carry her onward,
let me watch her plow
through the pain again,
triumphant in the end.

Give her a moment
of truth to hold,
a spark to set all the lies afire.
Give her the comfort
and acceptance she needs.
Let her feel my love
for her.

Clear a space
for her to bleed.
Leave her mark
for all the world to see.

Let them see
what I see.
It would be a shame
if such beauty
were just wasted on me…


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