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Get Laid.

So this fire
is alight again,
blazing white hot,
driving me in,
burning away the veil,
revealing wounds
refusing to heal, igniting
the scream’s eruption.

Frenzy building
on a primitive drive
abandoned, neglected,
yet so fucking alive.

Starvation never kills,
just feeds the aggression.
Find one to ease
the desperation.
It feels so shallow,
but this runs too deep,
the ache just grows
till it consumes

In the quickening,
forever I fall:
submission to instinct.

This battle always
ends the same way,
only a matter
of how long you can go,
how much you can take

until you hunt,
though not for a kill.

Seeking water
to soothe the skin,
to drown out the noise,
satiate within, so I might

fight to find land,
battle the wind,
feel one again
stop cracking, splitting
within this shell,

my private hell.

Must stop playing
this maddening game.

No shame.

I just need
to get laid.


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