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Unnecessary Walls.

The only potential utopia
your life can afford
is one birthed and nursed
within your gourd.

So explain these boundaries you erected,
these unnecessary walls.
Liberty, constipated.
A convict at once his own warden,
guard, prison and executioner.

Wake up.

Don’t roll over.
Open that heavy lid,
shake off the slumber,
focus the eye
deep inside.

Don’t you see?
Its all abandoned

They have gotten under your skin,
infected you.
Obstructed the self-awareness
that would awaken you
at your throne.

Hypnotized by poisoned lullabies,
nightmares dressed as seductive dreams.
Vinyl scratched and skipping
haunting echoes surfing a broken melody:
dismal, subliminal lyrics
of a wasted existence.

You sacrifice a universe.


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