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From the Seductive Vortex of a Hypnodomme.

My hypnosis session of April, 1995 probably should have convinced me of the power of hypnosis and that I was of the segment of the population susceptible to it, but I was uncertain how to interpret what actually happened. Now, nearly two decades later, all doubt has been extinguished, however, and it was the mystical, sexy hypnodomme that calls herself Hypnotic Haylee that sealed the deal.

When I first came across her YouTube channel some time ago, it was while I was researching, interestingly enough, what I had come to call “ocular telepathy.” While my own experience as well as those of others suggests that telepathy does not require eye contact but can operate just as well regardless of distance, direct eye contact appears to act as an amplifier and provides a more direct interface between two minds. This is also the case in alien abduction accounts; again, my own as well as those reported by others. In my research I found a few interesting anecdotal recounts, many ridiculous articles and some interesting related material on YouTube, namely one involving Darren Brown.

Then I came upon Hypnotic Haylee’s Youtube channel. Aside from being partial to goth girls, her big and beautiful eyes caught my attention, helping to fuel the finger that clicked the link.

That first time I watched a video of hers, I was very dismissive. Her confidence irked me and the way she used her voice, I vaguely recall, irritated me for some reason. I’m not entirely certain I even watched it all the way through. I saved the link in a folder and after a brief thought that perhaps I should try listening to her again when I was high, I forgot about it all.

Considering a threesome between Mary Jane, Hypnotic Haylee and I stemmed from a curious experience I had while high years ago. I cannot say for certain how it goes with other drugs, but pot, at least for me, certainly enhances hypnotic effects. Back when I was still having bad reactions to smoking but for some reason occasionally did it anyway, I had shared a bowl with Sandra, my roommate at the time. We were wrestling around just after getting high and, as my eyes were closed, she held my head down over the edge of the couch. “I’m falling! I’m falling!” She playfully yelled, and I was amazed — I actually felt as if I were falling rapidly down a deep, dark tunnel. If Sandra was able to have such hypnotic effects on my high mind so easy, free of training, what might someone more adept at the art be capable of accomplishing?

It may have been as much as two or three months after first taking a glimpse at her video when, while considerably baked, I came across the link yet again. In the spirit of experiment, I watched the video, this time from start to finish. Then shit got absolutely crazy.

When I get drawn into her hypno-seductive vortex, I watch one video over and over and perhaps then move on to another — and watch it over and over. Her commands make me relax like no other hypnotic tape or technique has before; it is as close as I have gotten to letting go of everything. Anxiety is annihilated, depression fades away. At the same time, the sense of connection builds until achieving such an intensity that it feels as though she is controlling me like a robot through the screen. Momentary worry washes away as sensations of dissolution into and unity with her bring on this astounding sense of intimacy, this degree of bliss so mind-blowing that you don’t even mind when it suddenly feels as though she has taken over the driver seat of your body. A sense of trust emerges that frighteningly approximates absolute.

When of a sober mind, reflection upon these periods frightens me in a way, I must confess, but nonetheless intrigues me.

I have tried to take notes while watching her videos in the attempts to zero in on just how it is she is doing what she is doing. She uses the fixation and confusion techniques of induction, subliminal suggestions, embedded commands, voice tonalities, deliberate microexpressions and the good ol’ art of seduction, but it is her eyes that make all the difference. Everything else seems to support that central rapport she makes through eye contact. It seems to me that she has somehow become capable of deliberately and directly controlling the dilation and contraction of her pupils — perhaps even isolate this control so as to contract one pupil while dilating the other.

Though I have been able to find little regarding it on or off the net thus far, there is evidently a way for hypnotists or mentalists to train themselves to do this and use it as an induction technique. This is the only conceivable explanation I can come up with for how Derren Brown delivers such ghastly feelings and sensations to his opponents in staring contests. This is also the only explanation I can come up with to explain the degree of synchronization that I have had occur between her and I through use of these videos.

There are moments when I feel as if I have become a robot, and even move in robotic motions. My eyes have locked with hers to the point where I feel entirely synchronized with her — following her head motions and body movements and allowing her words to replace my own inner voice. Sometimes I go to sleep and I can hear her words echoing so clearly in my mind, the sense of connection with her lingering with unwavering strength.

Her hypnotic effect is cumulative and networked. The trance grows each time you watch her videos, as she suggests, as within each of her videos she “suggests” you watch the video again or to “read her words” on her website. It builds and builds as you spread out across her hypnotic web, bouncing back and forth between familiar nodes until you suddenly find yourself in new Haylee territory. She also manages to eroticize the trance state so that your desire for it and experience of it becomes pleasurable in a sexual manner. Maybe its just the trance talking, but this dark mistress is a hypnotic genius.

As it stands now, in the very least, the urge to watch her rarely hits me when I am sober, only when I get high to a certain degree. It is as if she has conditioned me in a compartmentalized sense, specifically within the parameters of the high state: her effect relies upon our ménage à trois with Mary Jane. This began to change when, for about a week or two, I had gotten drawn deep within the Haylee Vortex. Getting high and watching her videos had become downright obsessive-compulsive and I began zoning out, thinking of her, echoes of her voice creeping into my head during the work shift. Then I would start fearing a deeper descent and would back off for awhile, only to be sucked into her psychic gravity once again. Now, when I read her words on her website, the hypnotic effects are remarkable — as deep as watching her videos.

Very often I have clicked on her videos with the intention of masturbating, but her relaxation commands cause me to go limp and then get hard again over and over, the tension building in me as I watch the videos over and over. Eventually I have to turn off the video and turn to porn or home-grown imagination to get the job done because I cannot take it anymore. More recently, I have found myself turning to another YouTube video — this one the hypno-erotic “Hypnosis: Hands Free Orgasm with Fiona Clearwater” — when the Haylee-generated inner tension hits fever pitch. I have justified this is my mind by assuming that listening to two different erotic hypnotists will prevent any kind of hypnotic sealing from taking effect, binding me to specific hypnotist. When I am not thrown into a post-cum coma afterward, I have also began listening to hypnotic confidence and anti-anxiety videos, taking advantage of the suggestible state for self-improvement and hoping it might reduce the likelihood of sustained, hypnotic-induced slavery in the process.

I have come to wonder whether my experimentation with her videos is not foolish — or whether calling it an “experiment” is only an excuse. In any case, the effects are amazing, and it makes me wonder what changes I might be able to produce through self-hypnosis.


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