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Silly Boy.

Live with this wall erect
betwixt thought and emotion.
A inverted life, a seed suspended,
awaiting its season,
must you die again to truly bloom?

Sensitive, extreme, always
Making the best of an endless,
hopeless situation.

Looking inside.
Open to the inner adversary.
Temporarily blind.
Waking up as passenger

in the vessel that holds
all that you are,
sitting beside another part that drives
as if this were a mind
of its own. In any case,

looks as if
you’ve been dethroned.
Just sit back, enjoy the show.
You piss-poor,
powerless soul.

Silly boy.

Can’t control it
till you own it.
Can’t own it till
you can steal back
the moment.

Looking inside,
feeling lost time through him.
Your land of the lost and found.
Something to build
a sound mind around.

You cannot control
what you do not understand:
only through self-discovery,
comes self-creation.

Step down from third person,
break down the wall,
be engaged in your life,
stand your ground,

own it all.


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