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Cycles of Perseverance.

through the cocoon
of sleep,
slowly, steadily

Our tombs
are just wombs here,
mere states of transition,
segues betwixt chapters.

I don’t want
to be here, to be this.
I don’t know how to handle it.
Maybe that’s why I find
myself here, strength growing
through dealing with it,
destined to master it.

Or is that merely
a hopeful delusion?

“Give yourself a break.”

We all evolve
at our own pace
and I’ve forever
been a late bloomer.
Seeds await
the right season, I suppose,
but what is it with my
endless winter?

Stuck in this gray
in my head yet again,
by the swamp within.

There is a reason
you are here.
Live it till you learn it.
Fight the tide on your ride
till you’ve earned it.”


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