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No Life.

Left alone, freedom takes care of itself.

Every person is an island
unto themselves,
bearing life that in time breeds variety,
showing its true colors
if only left to develop
along its own path,

secure from a ceaseless
onslaught, an ongoing contamination
of The Same
which, left unrestrained,
would impose itself on everything.

No self.
No choice.
All responsibility.
No life.

Diversity is the fundamental
survival strategy
of life in general,
of the glow of the whole,
the spark in its most abstract form.
Live and let live —
despite all the death.

The Same for all is live and let die.
It is the morbid drive to absolute suicide.
When one falls,
all go down.
The same strives to oppress all,
tugging strings with roots
deep in the core.

They are felt as the tight
reins of control
held in the hands of the powers that be.

Is not all punishment
double jeopardy
when it pertains to someone
doing something that is unlawful
because of the dangerous, all-natural,
homegrown consequences
of doing it,
after all?

Justifying the punishment
on the grounds that it will “set an example”
or “send a message” to others,
perhaps serving to prevent
them from committing this behavior
“for their own good,”
only places emphasis
on their true motivation:

their control,
your unquestioning

They are the cancer of The Same,
enemy of life, cosmic suicide.
Yet you casually
let them infect
your minds…
Before you know it,
you’ll be dying inside.

Any way you slice it, this is a fight.
Know yourself, know your enemy.
Know your side.


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