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Declaration of War.

Just an animal
domesticated by culture,
itching for justification
to live free from restraint.
There is something we need
that the force of the herd
strives to bury in us.

An inner self,

Fist to the wall in the way,
watch it crack,
watch it bleed,
see a dark flower

No more fear
of insanity,
as there was never
any sane, just alien madness
and the crazy
we are all accustomed
to, and why
should I step in line?

Fuck your gods,
fuck your government.
Narrow and shortsighted,
your world is suffocating,
relentless in its oppression.

I find a safe place,
build my cocoon
of weirdness and warmth.
Conjure the inner warrior,
time to break out,
time to stand firm
and fight the war.

Be the change
I’m fighting for.


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