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Relentless rain
pounds against the pane
as I catch the sordid reflection
staring back
from me as I sit curled,
nearly fetal, on the sill.

You’re all insane.
It’s all so maddening,
it’s killing me.

A breaking point,
a point of no return.
My mind is shattered now,
autonomous shards
the compartmentalized.

So power-hungry,
control thirsty,
underneath your wing,
life raped of all liberty.

Murder would show more mercy.

Take me home,
get me out of this place.
If your god exists
he is nothing
more than a monster,
so fail to count
me among your obedient sheep.

I’d burn your temples down,
knock every church to the ground.
What sickness
and slavery you preach,
justifying your thirst for control,
drawing life
out of all these children’s souls.

Rain continues tapping
away hypnotically.
Thunder rocks the ground.
Lightning splits the sky
wide open as stars
are obscured by the clouds.

I want to slam
my fist
through the glass,
bleed just
to feel my life

Look at them.

Just a robots now,
just a meaty machines.
Marching in file, swallowing
the force-fed, like lemmings
they follow your masque
of holiness
to the very edge
of nothingness.

My life, now locked away.
I swallowed the key.
Never will you break in.
Fuck you,

you can’t have me.


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