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Land of Transparency.

No more war.
No more secrets.
No more lies.
No more borders.

A network of transparent minds
taking cover in fleshy nodes,
sharing an inner world
with each other, a joint dream
where each of us are near
no matter how far.

Intimacy in nonlocality.
Nothing hides here.
To all, what once belonged to one.
No possessions to call your own.

Every memory assimilated
with its counterparts from the medium
of each and every node,
all granted equal access,
there to be recalled by anyone.

Each can feel
another’s bleeding wounds,
broken heart, hunger pangs
and invade one another’s dreams.

Every thought known, emotion felt,
sensation received by one
is evenly distributed to the crowd.

No liberty.
No personal space.
No privacy and no escape.
No identity.

A lifeless land
where we’re all the same.

Frightening, this
final solution.
I want our three eyes
wide open,
discipline crafting mastery,
never forgetting:

requires diversity, we need
nurturing individuality.
Mutual respect
bred through empathy.

Cleansed connections.
Not unity.


3 responses to “Land of Transparency.

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  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed this one 🙂

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