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Identity Blinks.

Questions: lived.
Answers: denied.

Just living my life,
wasting my time, bearing
the sting
of a bloodshot inner eye
of a mind
that never sleeps
but doesn’t always
seem to be
on my side.

Identity blinks,

suddenly lulled
into a slumber
so suffocating.

A warm void of nothing.

Then I catch
you in the twilight.
I know I felt you there,
another face of mine,
hiding from me.

Was it you I saw
through the looking glass
as a child,
bleeding through
with those
growing, slanted

Hung from a noose
at the end of a rope,
tied to the sustained
question mark
of my life,
struggling still.

I can’t take this.
Ignorance is not bliss.

Am I just a lie?
A fiction with a motive,
a tool in my own game?

Let me be myself,
cast the wall
of lies away.

Let me recall it all.
Help me integrate.
This bad dream
is eating me away.

Sands in the hourglass
continue to fall,
I feel I’ve slept too long.
I can almost hear the alarm.

I need to be awake.


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