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Communication X.

is the antonym of empathy.
Noise drowning out the signal
we believe we are receiving.

Looking outside
through eyes that reflect the interior,
superimposed over experience.

Perceptions, reflections:

Gathering all
the ingredients for self-awareness
then distributing them externally,
storing them apart from us,
attributing them to others
in an act of subliminal,
psychological excommunication.

Wherever there is ambiguity,
the dark and fertile world
in the shadows of our minds
breed illusions,

heroes and monsters
subliminally fashioned in our own image,
revealing our relationships
with aspects of our own secret face.

Creators reflected
in our own creations,
each worldview a masterpiece,

a barely-obscured mirror
of the web of relations
woven within, a pattern of strands
binding our memories, emotions, thoughts
together in wardrobe
of masques and costumes.


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