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Feeling the impact
as the sky falls
to break the fertile earth,
thuds deafening my ears.

Watch as the water rises,
flooding all the land.
Wind picks up, screaming
through the trees.
A cyclone’s coming.

Facing a wave of fire
in a vacant city, plowing on,
consuming everything
as it makes its way
towards swallowing me.

We are all circling
the drain, you seem to say.
Is it just another lie?

Just dreams.
Haunting hallucinations
you put into my head.
This is no prophecy.
Just one of your games.

Blossom my fear.
Instill the guilt.
Provoke the powerless.
Don’t you point your finger
at me, you little,
black-eyed bastard.

It’s all a lie.

Why am I still waiting
for it to all fall down?
Belief with roots
so damned deep in me.

I’ll rip them out.

Just a marionette
to you
through these wicked dreams.

It’s all a lie,
I say

all while we keep


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