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Chokehold & a Dark Blanket.

Can you see it rising
above the horizon?
A dark blanket stretching
over the trees,
smothering, suffocating,
just like she told me.

Making our death bed
through a life unsustainable.
Every great empire falls.
Another parasite kills its host.
We need to fucking wake up.

I’m lost dreaming
in a war against my nightmares.
Bleeding from chards
of broken memories,
no picture
on the puzzle box,
weeping over stolen pieces.

Embrace this truth
or see through the eyes
of this lie.

Relive the fate
that I remember bearing
on that dead, desert world,
where all hope is gone.

A haunting childhood story
from the depths of my mind
echoing in my head…

Is all life across the cosmos
this fucking despicable?
Planetary life’s drive to suicide…
Contempt continues to grow
like a cancer in my soul.
Put this world’s poisoned
roots in a chokehold
or just let it go.

Imprisoned in the skin,
tortured by mind,
watch it all crumble again.

Feeling like I’m just here
to document our downfall.


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