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Slipping back,
I feel it coming on again.
Lost in a memory.
Always plaguing me.

Dark sky, summer evening,
soft wind, on the side
of the highway, leaning
back in the grass.
Eyes swallowing the stars.

Like an ember
it comes at us
from above the trees.

It’s all gone, everything.
We live lies, can’t you see?

Wake up.
I’m terrified and lonely.

Fuck your
wishful dreams,
wake up to the nightmare
of this reality
you strive to deny.

Stroke your silly god
as I battle our demons
all alone,

Go on, cover it up,
tuck it in,
sing your would-be insight
a fucking lullaby.

Don’t treat me
like I’m the one asleep.

It’s got you
in its grips, too,
so fight with me,
not against me,
will you?

And all you do is run away,
living life on your knees.
I stand here, paralyzed,
terrors echoing in me…


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