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Hands Off. Eyes Only.

You will fall.
And in no time at all.

That’s all right.
In fact: it’s inevitable.
So just enjoy the sights,
but do not feed
the animals
all caged up inside
that push-and-pull prison
down below.

Hands off. Eyes only.
Watch as you let go.

Seal those lips
inside your mind,
listen attentively
to the crisp silence.

From this height
the tragedy is comedy,
the concern a curiosity.
Brief moments
in which you are free
from duality…

I see clearly
how I was just a part of me.

Another dimension of mind.
Another axis of free thinking,
experiential liberty
and emotional elbow room
all for the taking.

Its the only space
I truly own.

Elevate within to find
where I belong, standing
within my only home:

where it ends,
where it begins.
From their outside
looking in.

Then: caught
in the grips again,
lost behind the bars,
divided, spinning…


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