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Welcome to Earth.

Welcome to earth,
host to parasitic,
domesticated primates
hellbent on species suicide,
pushing for planetary holocaust.

A grim zoo,
the Gaian circus.
Asylum of the galaxy.
Will they survive their infancy?

Do they really
think they are so far
from their cousins,
picking one
another’s infested scalps
free and swinging
from tree to tree?

Can’t they see
mammals plagiarizing
the lifestyle of a virus
is simply not a tenable
long-term strategy?

Watch it all fall.
No one to blame but themselves.
Let them go their own way.
More for us to take.

Watch their structures
as they all crumble to dust.
They legitimize the system,
hide in their small, boxed-in lives,
turn their backs, dismissively shout,
“it’s out of my hands,”
lifting middle fingers,
never raising a fist:

just like this one.
See him down there?
Smoking cigarettes, sipping java,
hiding in his car to escape
the Ohio cold, spilling
his monkey mind
into his iPhone.

They all just dig
their own grave.

Passively, actively.

Maybe there is really nothing
left to save here


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