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Alien Summer.

Silent, summer night,
make some coffee, hide inside.
Slip out the door
so that these sleepless eyes
can swallow the beautiful sky,
spilling my broken mind
into the micro-cassette recorder
I cradle for security.

My external hard drive
for memory.
How I wish
it was all just my insanity.

Lurking out there,
silhouettes stalking,
black eyes watching.
Here I stand, defenseless,
so just as it was as a child,
I resort to running, hiding.

Asking, seeking,
screaming, just another
beggar seeking

Run away,
they said, clear
your head,
so I do, knowing well
that transient
geographical relocation
would be just another futile
attempt to escape
my horror.

They always follow me.

I’m just a rat in a maze,
an ape in a Gaian zoo.
Just doing what I can
as they always
do what they do.


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