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Red Tape, White Lies.

Ends do not justify
the means, they dictate
the ends,
so you cannot just rape us,
call it hard love
and pretend
we are indebted.

You have manufactured
the madness
that secures your own destruction.
Divided yourself, divided us,
leaving us conquered
in the hands
of those who inspired
the fear.

Motives have roots deep
in the animal: gain, maintain
weave expansive webs
of control, futile
drive to concretize,
the irreversibly transient.

Red tape, white lies,
black budgets,

Dam cracks and bleeds,
contaminate it
with your bullshit.

Your quick-fix,
shortsighted minds
say to hell
with long-term consequence.

Dig your own grave in time
to the clock’s tick.


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