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Battles in the War.

Where were you
when we were down
in the dust of our homeland,

for what we imagined
to be worth saving,
bleeding the enemy,
antagonizing them like gnats
so they would come to see,
in their greed, that this war
was not worth
their investment?

High above,
studying souls
of a dying world,
thirsty for meaning,
hungry for a better life,
beaten down
by the nightmares
roaming that wasteland.

Exploiting the sick
fate we made.

Now here we are,
brand new skin,
different game board,
same old game,

you can almost smell
the world burning,
feel the frigid aura
of too many hearts grown cold,
so many minds gone black,

just waiting for the fall,
just another rotation
of the cycle,
another tour
through species suicide.

Open my eyes,
leave me scraps,
leave me half-blind
and seething,
living a lie, alone,
yet still dreaming
of a better way of life
as you stare down
with opportunistic eyes.

My chosen destiny
is to break this wall,
to salvage, to help find a way
to better us all
as you stretch out
your dark web of control.

In this frigid weather,
we stoke the embers within,
plowing down
this new path,
keep pushing till we find
another crossroad.

to find a place offering
warmth far passed
this icy tundra.

No escape.
No place to hide.

Must stand my ground,
walk my path, finding
my peace of mind,

find myself, be myself,
make myself, as I prepare
for the fight…


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