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Sitting Duck.

Covet their ambition.
Jealous of their determination.
Greedy for the initiative
they took, as you just

float ’round, sitting duck
in your dismal, stagnant fate,
fashioned by the fear-fueled
choice you always make

to remain habit-bound
to familiar ground,
no matter how miserable.

Commitment to convenience.
Terrified of the whole wide
world beyond the security
of your comfort zone.

Fuck ’em. Fuck it all.
Do it.
You owe it to yourself.

Time to defy your own expectations.
Resuscitate your life.
Find a new treadmill.
Build some peace of mind.

Break free.
Didn’t you want to see
and be so much more?
If not to grow into your own,
what are you
living for?


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