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One That Hides.

of whispers.
In and out breath,
death and rebirth.

Find the self inside.
Be one with the one that hides.

Anima led you in,
you built up a wall of distrust,
though in time you break
through again.

Seductive iris,
my calm and comfortable
rabbit hole,
how I have missed
your sweet gravity.

Forgive me
and my insane

A thorough system
of approach and retreat
etched deep
in the heart of me.

Mistress vortex
spirals out, perimeter grows,
her true colors span the spectrum
feeding polarity,
spreading the edges.

My reverence,
exotic beauty.

Balance light
with the shadow
be the Original Face
spying behind all the masques
you have worn.

I’m sure

that to meet the self is not
to face someone else,
but rather to become
someone more.


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