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Calm Clarity.

through the cocoon of haze,
race through your sentence,
another day on the edge.
Hearing that voice again,
beckoning: plunge in,
take that mighty leap,
dive on in to the mystery.

Their complacent, lemming ways:
ultimate dissatisfaction guaranteed.
You must push passed this,
learn persistence,
earn back the trust inside
lost in the flood,
the bursting dam
you first first faced
two decades behind.

Feeling restless now,
fully charged,
vacuum-packed for freshness.
Tension stretches,
toes flirt with the edge.
Below, a void
waiting with arms wide open.

Is this a trap?
A game?
Will this be playing
into the hands of the enemy?

Summon courage,
gather strength,
fight with love and reason
certain that in time
the terror will retreat,
anger will ease,
calm clarity will be achieved.

Just embrace
that sweet gravity…


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