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Pale Sheep Seeking Security.

Preaching reason
yet living in blind faith.
Idolize your chosen spokespersons,
eat from their hands
like domesticated animals.
Live within the four corners
marked by their piss.

Don’t step out of line,
never jump the fence.
Sacred are these limitations.
Clear and ultimate is this path.


Lucky you, to be one of the chosen
privy to the truth.
With these shackles, these barred cells,
liberated from burdens of free thinking.
Rebellion comes with a price,
sure, but this slavery
here costs you your mind..

Weak pale sheep seeking security.
Terrified of the unknown,
cherry-pick your men on mountains,
christen them the wise,
all others demoted in your eyes
to the status of fools on hills.

Seeking distance
from the sheep and shepherds
you define yourself against,
search for the same emperor,
same herd mentality
in different cloths.

Echo the dynamic,
mimic the relationship:
the pathetic, empty life
of an unenlightened sycophant.


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