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Doomed to Liberty.

Don’t miss
the point of this game
on your way.
These are just protagonist
masks we wear
throughout the ongoing narratives
of our lives, the myths
we enact through serious play,

suffering within the skin,
chained to a bad dream
that passes for reality.

It was meant to be
that nothing is meant to be,
that we were not made for anything,
doomed to this liberty
of making ourselves
through our walks and works.
Bearing the burden of responsibility,
if all else is dodged, to the consequences
of the choices we make
in the world passed
the gates of the senses.

As for me, I need to awaken
in the place where I can leave
that baggage at the door,
leave the history behind,
to have a space
where I can help myself
guide my way.

I must own what I hold,
learn to let go, just be and do
what I feel driven
to do without excuses.

Learn to connect
in my own way.

Embrace a lucid life
on both sides, bring about
some balance.

Nurture my own style of sanity.


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