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Breathe Beneath This.

Toes crawl
passed the edge,
just testing the water.

First ankles deep,
now the water’s welcoming skin
has drawn me out farther,
swallowed me up to the knees.

It’s something in me drawn
to something out there.

Opened up so seductively,
blossoming like a strange flower
towards light it cannot see.

like a true addict.
Lost and damned
to dependency.

Fluid embrace, a warm,
dark, safe place. She says,
“Give me your hand.
Accept my command.
Why fight it? You know
that you like it.”

Down here, inner demons
get playtime among playmates
of affinity, trust, respect, exchange
through the lost art
of true intimacy.

Dive down,
swim in this enlivening,
surreal ocean.

Pain and pleasure converge
at their very heights, at their deepest depths,
achieve calm in the tension, explore beneath,
open the eye
behind your entranced mind.

Let wounds heal, the mind empty,
allow the heart to open, release
the demons down below.
Let the waves smooth your edges.
If dreams are impossible, give me strength
to face my nightmares with courage.

Let me breathe beneath this.


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