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Return of the Dream Recall.


I am in some large room on a piece of furniture, something between a large couch and a small bed. Famke Janssen, the dark and sexy actress from Hemlock Grove is there and someone else, too. She crawls on top of me. We were making out when she suddenly transforms into a huge, red tongue.


I am driving on a snowy road at night when a semi turns ninety degrees and then falls over on the road in front of me. Very lifelike, though I felt no fear.


I am looking in my bathroom mirror to find I have long hair on the sides and back. Though balding on the top, I have some long hair towards the front. I could tie my hair back, too. The image reminds me of what I looked like judging from some of the later past life memories of Sam.


I have a pet cat which I keep in the microwave. I give it a dish of water but cannot seem to find food…


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