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Illusions & Games.

Rampant with miscommunication,
an inability to walk in another’s shoes.
Thick icing of misinterpretations
and disinformation sprinkled with spin,
ulterior motives unsatisfied,
kind lies and dangerous truth,
projections and self-fulfilling prophecies.

As blind to oneself
as one is to the other.

Even when deliberately played,
one’s game has unseen, complex,
interwoven roots stretching far and wide,
deep down in subliminal soils.

Life is an obstacle course of drivel
for a few grains of truth, the need to understand
left starving, exhausted and confused.
Emotionally the journey has certainly not been
all chili, cheesecake and blowjobs, either,
and the finale leaves something to be desired.

We’re all in a trance,
locked in a dream.
Strangers to ourselves,
lost to reality.

It’s not life, a voice calls,
just the way you live.
Watch the games all your fellow apes play,
then just turn and forfeit.

Someday we will all wake up, end the play,
I fear fashionably too late.
Games over, confronted with the true face,
midnight at the masquerade.


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