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Victims of Hypocrisy.

Just a patient predator
studying weaknesses carefully,
ever on the lookout
for the perfect opportunity
to pounce,
drive in the teeth,
rip meat from the bones.

So you drew her in,
and I was something in the way.
Masks slipped.

You know I saw your true face.

You were just an animal
with a one-track mind,
blind to your own blinders,
terrified to find my eyes
accustomed to the darkness
in which you strove to hide.

Go on, then.
Deny everything.
Try and control everything.
Take shelter in your own fantasy,
in your lame-brained,
sexist cult shit.

Prejudice fueled
by a victim mentality.
Embracing your hypocrisy,
fighting fire with fire,
echoing the image of the perceived

This solves nothing,
helps nothing.
Can’t you see
it’s self-defeating?

This just perpetuates
the insanity.


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