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Open Doorways, Cautious Steps.

Step on in again.

Ever-intensely, I feel the lure,
a cornucopia of hidden addictions,
passions, buried,
bearings hidden behind the veil,
spots to hit, jet-fuel desires,

all as I am rooted
in depths of resistance
fueled by nothing more
than fear, feeling
the season of blossoming
inching nearer.

If only ignorance
were a spell of banishment
sure to cast them far away,
out of sight, out of my mind,
maybe I could continue to hide,
busy with an illusion
of control to feed,

so unwilling to sacrifice
attention to invest in the truth
I have been dying again and again to know,
to find the me I have been trying to be,

but the tractor beam
has got me.
So curious, enlivening.

Is it freedom or is it slavery?
Seduction requires my participation,
best to choose the itches to be scratched wisely.

Can I trust myself?
Has history not taught me
to tread cautiously?

Just observe dispassionately.
Show no fear in the face
of these unexplored parts of me
the doors opened for me,
free to enter.

In curiosity, I step in,
prone to meandering.
Patiently waiting for my own revelations
as I use this to nurture
seeds already germinating…


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