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In the Dark, Behind the Giggle Curtain.

So I watched some documentaries on the assassination of JFK and, more recently, interviews with David Paulides, author of Missing 411 and other books. He investigates the clusters of mysterious missing person cases in US national parks and has spoken on his issues with getting reliable data — or any information or cooperation at all, for that matter — from the relevant authorities. Why is this not of bigger public concern? That lies are being told, that truths are being intentionally withheld, is obvious — forget, for the moment, what it is they might be hiding.

Why the lack of interest, concern, outrage?

Conspiracy is still a notion that elicits rolling eyes, often treated as if they were just paranoid projections in the absence of information; the natural, irrational reaction of the mind, evidently wired to fear and abhor a vacuum.

To me conspiracy seems to be just another tendency among social groups, especially within a minority in status over a majority. Hell, you don’t have to leave the workplace to have first-hand experience of it — and yet there are those that find the notion that it happens among high-ranking officials giggle-worthy? Such officials belong to institutions employing those who naturally have shared interests and concerns due to their positions, ambitions and pay grade — concerns regarding the acquisition and maintenence of their power.

Given that many of the political elite have been at least formerly engaged in secret societies, wouldn’t secrets, in-group values and hidden networks of relations with strong social cohesion be a natural default, making it even more likely that they would be prone to this kind of behavior?

People say that the government couldn’t keep secrets, that the military couldn’t organize screwing in a lightbulb. But they have kept secrets, and where there are leaks there are sure-fire ways to muddy the truth — and as for the fucking light bulb, it may be more their style to work in the dark anyway.


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