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Security Lite.

While it is certainly embarrassing to be in my mid-thirties and still sleep with the lights on, obsessively lock and bolt the door, prefer to sit in corners and typically keep my windows closed and latched with shades drawn, I think I have at least come to some level of understanding as to why. It perplexed me for some time that this would provide any sense of security for me — assuming the whole alien thing is the cause, of course. After all, on more than one occasion during my flashbacks I’ve seen them walk through solid matter — in one case, a wall; in another, a door.

This seems inconsistent with my conscious attitude, at least on the surface. Personally, I would chose to have awareness of my vulnerabilities over a false sense of security. The reason seems obvious: a false sense of security leaves you blind and unprepared; you postpone the stress until danger proves your lack of safety, and by then its too late.

Know yourself. Know your enemy.

Awareness of your vulnerabilities can certainly breed paranoia, but it can also provide you with the foresight and vigilance required to build true security. Forewarning is forearming.

Drawn window shades and deadbolts clearly do not provide the necessary protection and I still jolt at every sound, so why develop this ridiculous ritual?

Though I may not have much control over the circumstances, this ritual serves as the optimal means to ensuring some basic sense of comfort and some fundamental psychological preparedness. Walls, locked doors, latched windows: they at least provide barriers that perhaps obscure their sight or slow them down. Having the lights already on, however, would remove the barrier of darkness that would otherwise serve to confuse me or slow me down. In the very least, I would see them coming, I would know what hit me, and I would have the best opportunity given the circumstances to defend myself. I could die or be defeated on my feet with my eyes wide open as opposed to stumbling around in the dark or, worse still, be taken before I awakened.


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