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The Getaway (5/5/15 Dream).

In the midst of creeping around, having run and hidden from someone, I find myself in some hallway with metallic walls, crouching before this mesh of tubes with fluorescent green fluid in them. It is something that has healing qualities, I think. Quickly, I rip them out to take along with me, but then worry that the fluid may leak out. After some contemplation, I grab a nearby towel, wrap it around the torn mesh of tubes and hold it close to me, in front of me, with both hands.

Then I try to make my escape again, and I feel as though I have tried this several times before and failed. Eventually I run out of what suddenly becomes my parent’s house, and rather than hiding around the house as I had so many times before I decide to make a run for the treeline at the end of the yard.

As I do so I see her, a pregnant girl, there in the front yard on the far left of the property, I’m at the far right. My hopes are that, being closer to my car, she will grab it, come pick me up and we can both make a getaway without ever being spotted, but she just crosses the driveway and meets me at the tree-line at my side of the yard. Its a long driveway ahead of us if we just run. Still, we’ve gotten this far and its as close as we have come to escaping and we might even get to make it on foot if we aren’t spotted and chased. She even suggests to me that she knows someone who could come pick us up in their car.

Though it feels like dangerous, perhaps foolish backtracking, I bolt back to the house with her in hand to where my car is parked. Before we make it there my mother, or something pretending to be my mother, appears from the backyard with a group. They are the enemies. I am determined to get her in that car and drive the hell out of here. No one, nothing will stop me.

I wake up.


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