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Getting All My Ugly Ducklings in a Row.

Sandwiched between terrors,
lost to the only moment
where I could make a difference.

Finally, I understand
none of this makes sense.
Just another foolish investment.

You don’t only live once
and you cannot change your past.
They say every day, a new chance

you watch
be hijacked by the dead and gone,
all you call yesterday.

What was will never be again,
what is will be
gone tomorrow.

Finally dug your own grave down so far
you have risen out the other side.
Just get your feet
comfortably on the ground now,
no excuses, and to hell
with your nervous hesitance.

Calmly, confidently wake
up out of your haze
and take this bull by its horns.

Bear the burdens,
you’ll be better for it.

Get all your ugly ducklings in a row.
See their beauty, stop being an asshole:
everything has its place.

Find the time, earn the space.
Do what you do to get what you need
to live authentic and be happy.

Take back the life all
this madness stole.


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