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Like a Fist.

Its like a fist
I have forgotten
I clenched,
and as I notice
it and let it go that dreaded
weight lifts.

So unfair,
what we do to ourselves.
We do the job
for them, tensing up,
holding our breath,
talking ourselves down
inside of our heads.

Then the headlines,
the sound bites.
Too late, enjoy life,
honor the earth,
no need to feed
the bad dreams.

Blinded, defeafened,
saturation point reached:

Out of sight is not
out of mind it just works
its wicked magick
behind the veil.

Step out.
Transient prison break.
Look around, look down.
Can’t you see our
stupid games
have lasting consequence?

I fear the future
will not forgive us,
that we will not
forgive ourselves
when it all falls down.

Release, fingers spread…


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