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Gays, Blacks, Tofurkey and Liberty*.

*a random mesh of thoughts on the gay rights issue.

In a lot if ways I think its appropriate to compare the gay rights movement to the black rights movement, though I could see how it might be more difficult for a straight person openly supporting gay rights than it was for a white man supporting black rights. No one is ever going to accuse me of hiding a darker pigment beneath my pasty-white, glow-in-the-dark Caucasian skin, after all, but sexuality?

Sexuality is invisible. It is easy to accuse someone of being gay. Everyone is a suspect. Like pod people have taken over, I guess. So if you shamelessly, even passionately rally for the official recognition of their rights, clearly you’re a closet case. I mean, c’mon, why else would you be holding them up and patting them on the back?

The same suspicion functions in some drug-legalization arguments, of course. If someone supports the right to do something clearly they must have done it, presently do it or most certainly would if the natural right were stamped with official approval.

Which is stupid logic, really. I hate tofurkey, really hate it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t support the consuming rights of those who find it to be a fitting replacement for good, wholesome bird meat. Why would I be so concerned with what other people are doing with their mouths or genitals or who they want to marry? If I wouldn’t have them tell me how to live my life, and I do not, I should certainly pay them the same respect, and I do. And if someone starts telling them how to live their life then it is clear that one day the aforementioned someone may just as easily turn and do the very same thing to me. I would not stand for that and so I cannot in good conscience stand for this. I would expect their support if I were the one being oppressed and so they should have been expecting mine as it dutifully arrived. To hell what the rest think: freedom must reign. First for the homosexual community and then we can work on accepting smokers, drug users and children into our circle of acceptance as well.

Baby steps.

We can do it. We have evolved before, having expanded the notion that all men are equal to include men of colors other than white and even women in general, so I feel confident we can accept gay rights without reigning in the apocalypse or anything.

I mean, as a species we are indeed reigning in the apocalypse, so perhaps that is a misleading way to phrase it, but the point is that the apocalypse has no relation to the homosexual thing. That’s another thing, too: we’re in the 21st century now and as a species we have some serious fucking issues we’re going to need to deal with relatively soon because our life, or in the very least our way of life, depends on it — and we’re over here fussing over who the fuck can hump and marry who? How are we not children through that lens, really?

People still argue whether or not being homosexual is a choice, too — as if it really mattered in the end anyway and did not instead serve as a meaningless distraction from the real point. Since I have never bothered to engage in this debate, though, perhaps I should blather about it here.

I for one find it difficult to believe that someone can “choose” to be attracted to anyone. Can a person lose their attractiveness? Yes. Can a person grow on you? Certainly. Do you have the slightest amount of control over your reactions in any case? No. I can’t make myself be sexually attracted to Roseanne Barr let alone Brad Pitt, but Angelina Jolie? — those eyes, those lips, that body? No effort required, no purchase necessary, no sense in denying it: I want that. I can decide how to handle that desire (and I’m pretty much forced to handle it myself because there’s not a chance in hell) but I cannot make it go away.

Now, if I had to hide my attraction not only to Angelina Jolie but to women in general, this would be torture. The circumstances are rather terrifying: the risk of exposure in every glance at a girl much less the rare sexual venture. How is that just? Its difficult enough getting laid as is. And if I ever wanted to openly declare that a woman was my wife I would be shunned and given no legal recognition? This would be a shitty and unjust situation, I’m sure you’d agree.

That, of course, assumes that I’m right about homosexuality being hardwired. The great thing about it, again, is that it is totally fucking irrelevant anyway.

First off, the argument seems to assume from the get-go that homosexuality is wrong like murder is wrong; this is why the whole question of it being a choice is so important in the eyes of the homophobes. Choice would indicate evil, of course, and if it were determined to be caused by genetic factors, what then? Gay would be equivalent to the insanity plea. That’s all. That you committed murder was never the question, after all, only whether or not you were responsible for it. The real reaction to the question of whether or not is a choice, then, should be a very time-saving declaration:

“It doesn’t matter.”

It doesn’t matter to the homosexual community and it will not matter much at all for the homophobes, either. Embracing the rights of gays was never one of the potential options. Only whether it was a choice or a sickness.


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