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Weirdness on the Home-front, 2010.

One night at the end of March, 2010, my father had gone out in the backyard to put up a barrier around my mothers pond made up of benches and old fences. This way when the family got together to celebrate Easter the following day my sister’s dogs wouldn’t jump in and eat my mothers fish again. As he was in the process of doing this, it was dark and strangely silent, my father said; there was no wind at all. Suddenly it sounded as if something had hit the wind chimes nearby with considerable force. It scared the shit out of him, as he explained it, and my mother attested to his fear when she saw him next. I asked twice if he saw the chimes moving, but I don’t think he ever answered. The whole situation had clearly unnerved him.

Everyone was perplexed over what happened a little over half a year later. My mother told me the story on the 29th of October, 2010, and said that it had happened a week or two earlier. A rather violent storm had passed through and the following day they saw one of the trees beside the house split down the middle, one half of it hanging over the house. They called one guy, but he refuse to do it unless the electric company would remove a nearby power line, so they called and had it removed. My parents hemmed and hawed but rather than calling the first guy decided to get a professional to do it. The guy came out, looked at it, and said that he would need a crane to get the job done. The problem was that he didn’t know when he could do it. He promised he would call before he arrived. Some time passed and both my parents were at work when another storm came through. Mom began getting nervous. She had to go grocery shopping for an old guy she had been looking after and drop it off before going home, however, and in the process of doing so my father called from work and told her that it was beginning to look like the end of the world out there and she had better get home. As soon as she left The old guy’s house it started raining, the wind blowing like mad, and mom was afraid at what she would find upon arriving home. As she pulled down the long driveway to the house, surrounded by forest, she found that the tree had been removed. Though their was evidence suggesting something large like a crane may have been there there was no bill, no letter, nothing. Perplexing. She called up the professional guy and left a voicemail thanking him, saying that it had been very nice of him to do that despite the insane weather. He called back to tell her that though he would like to take the credit, whoever it was that had done it, it certainly was not him.

Only three people outside the family had known about the tree. No one has yet come forward.


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