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On All the Flags.

Why do people get so distracted by these idiot issues? It blows my mind how much fuss can be generated over the design on a piece of cloth. People are enraged because some burn or stomp on the American flag (probably made in Korea). Other people now rise up to ban the confederate flag (probably also made in Korea). All as if flags were the real fucking issue. As if when
the day came and all American flags were both stomp and flame-resistant and all confederate flags were eradicated from the earth that American patriotism would reign and racism would come to an end. To my mind this just serves to exemplify how superficial we have become, how misplaced our values are as a culture. How often and to what degree people do not actually think. For the record, if you buy something or were born into something (which is to say your meaty flesh vessel) it is your property: you have the right to do whatever the bloody fuck you want with it so long as you aren’t prancing over other’s rights to do the same. Tuck the kids in with the confederate flag. It doesn’t really matter. Wipe your ass with the red, white, blue and now brown-stained. Or don’t. Just don’t be more concerned with fabric than the liberty it supposedly represents.


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