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Bored (6/23/15 Dream).

Even after remembering the dream this morning regarding people sneezing, I didn’t write down the conversation I had with my boss, Connie, as it seemed more like a memory of an actual occurrence upon awakening. Only when I woke up fully did it strike me that though this seemed a lot like my brief encounter with her yesterday it was, in fact, a dream.

Yesterday I had taken out trash in the small structure built to hide the dumpsters. We call it the corral. I was sipping a small coffee and enjoying a cigarette, writing something on my iPhone when I heard someone approaching. It was her, even though she was off work that day — stopping by to toss some boxes her daughter had used for moving in the dumpster. She pretty much caught me, but didn’t say anything about it. Today I learned that she had been sick yesterday — so sick that age went home early today, in fact. The conversation in the dream seemed to take place in a way that felt similar. I was trying to explain something to her and somehow let it slip that I was just bored at my job. I tried to quickly brush passed it, but I could tell by the look in her face and her eyes that she caught it. In the dream, my slip was like a revelation to me somehow: I really was insanely bored at this job. The look in her eyes was weird, too — like sympathy, understanding.


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