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Misinterpretations With a Side of Violence (6/25/15 Dreams).

While working, I’m practicing hand movements involved in operating some strange kind of gun, though I don’t know for certain that I actually had the gun with me. Regardless, in the midst of being lost in the practice it comes to my attention that someone, perhaps a customer, is watching me and my sudden fear is that he or she will presume I’m getting ready to shoot up the place, jump to the conclusion that I am preparing to commit some massacre.


While at work, this scraggly-looking guy comes behind front counter — and through a gap between the counter and the wall which does not exist in the waking world. Some manager in the kitchen sees him and yells for him to hold on, but he quickly comes all the way behind front counter, grabs something and then runs back through the gap and out the nearby doorway. After only a moment’s hesitation I run after him, out the side door, into the night, and down the sidewalk along Main Street in the direction heading away from downtown. He finally lays down on the steps on the small patio outside of some closed building or store. I determine in passing that he is homeless. I run up to him, standing over him cowering below me and pull my fist back, making like I’m going to punch him, all the while trying to determine what it was he had taken and get it back. In fear, in a trembling voice he mumbles something about having needed something for a job interview, presumably whatever it was he had taken. In the end I take what looks like my phone from him and he stumbled away, around a dark corner. As I walk away I think I hear him talking to someone, complaining about the whole thing, I think.

As I walk back I look at the iPhone in my hands and instantly know that it cannot be my own — the casing isn’t as beat up as mine is, for one thing. For a moment I consider taking the casing and ditching the phone, an odd thought for me, but I know I wouldn’t feel right about it, so I stand the phone up on the ground, leaning it up against something like a trash can or the wall of a building and continue walking back.


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