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Let Me.

Reduce me
to an animal,

Revisit the weak spot
you used to exploit
with such talent,
show how I’m still so fucking

Seduction, tractor beam,
rendered a puppet again.
Wound up in the strings
with no way out.

Tension growing.

A game you play,
the joystick
between my legs.

Just take matters
into your hands again.

But no.
Now you seem
to have developed
some remote control.

Part of me
hates you as you make me
want to though
I have doubts you would ever let
me inside you.

Tease, torture.

Fill me up
when I have already been
kissing the brim,
leave me bursting
at the seams, damn you.

Aren’t there laws
against false advertisement?
Inspire a sharp inhale,
leave me holding the breath.

Let me exhale,
let me scream.
Let me channel
this madness,

it’s killing me.


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