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Of Feet, Floating on Ankle-Nubs, and Freedom

I am not a foot fetishist. I think feet are ugly, and not only in a sexual context, but more generally. If I could hack off my feet and float on my ankle-nubs, that would be preferable to walking around. I cannot tell you how often I’ve watched a porn, gotten all hyped up just to have it utterly destroyed when a foot goes into a mouth. Even so, I would never condemn a foot fetishist, call the ol’ foot-to-mouth immoral, consider footsie an act of blasphemy that calls for stoning in the bad way or try and make feet illegal. Anyone who did I would speak out against. I would defend foot rights because it’s an issue of freedom. To each their own. I feel the same way about many things: its not my thing, but you can have your thing and I can have mine and we can embrace diversity. It’s all about consent of the parties involved, that’s the defining element here between right and wrong. Just keep your foot out of my mouth, you know?


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