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Your Own Project.

Your job is to be you. The less time you spend focused on and trying to manipulate and subtly fine-tune perceptions others have on who you are, the more time and energy you can invest in just being you. Let them think what they want, let them feel as they do. They are their own projects. You have your own: you have being you to attend to. Maybe they’re busy trying to he somebody else. To each their own, but I hear you. That voice in your head that screams:

“Fuck that lifestyle.
I’m not meandering
up that doomed hallway,
I’m taking the path
I feel compelled
to take — I can bear
questioning myself all
the way.

At least I can know
it was the path
I was meant to take,
for it is I who does the meaning,
it fuels every agonizing
step I make.”


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