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Soar Above the Feels.

We live in a superspace
of nested dreams,
waking up is a choice,
climbing up
through an endless series
of false awakenings
and to each Russian Doll
you occupy
there is a corresponding strata
of this hyper-dimensional
Chinese Box.

There’s no way out.
No telling how we got in here.

With each cycle, expanding.
Never rest, just setting
out to conquer
another rung on the ladder.

Nothing is ever
what it seems,
nor is it meaningless blather:
find the message, discern
the question,
become the answer, never
settle for anything less
than the unachievable
target of comprehensive

Aim to be yourSelf
to the fullest.

This is how we grow
into ourselves, this is how
we transcend
all we felt, all that we
feel today…


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