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On the Nature of Coming Tragedy.

We are not,
as many would prefer
to frame it, on the brink
of witnessing

the death of the earth
and having to face
the knowledge, the guilt,
the burden, the burn
of that spotlight on us,
clearly revealing
in HQ 3D

as we stand over
our great goddess Gaea
with the bloody knife
held, glistening, splattered
with fluid red souvenir,
shaking in our hands,

as we suffer the consequence
of her demise,
namely, our own —


we are on the brink
of discovering
we are but parasites killing
ourselves, host organism
sure to live on,

that we are just another tiny step
in her ongoing evolution.

She raised us, nurtured,
we changed her, and now
we’re left to fend
for ourselves in light
of the inevitable
as we suck
her dry.

So our human story
seems to go:

live in the now
on the bones
of yesterday
at the expense
of tomorrow.


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