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They Get Your Dreams for Free (8/8/15 Dream).

“It’s bad enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but now they get your dreams for free.”
— Waking Life.

I forgot about a pet mouse or hamster I had, as the tank it was in got hidden behind other things in my room. I saw it in the tank, laying on its side, evidently still somewhat alive. I could see its shallow breathing. There was still water in its bowl, though I’m uncertain about the food. There were dead minnows everywhere for some reason, resting in the water bowl and scattered about that tank, and that perplexed me.

Upon showing up at work I take a muscle relaxer that manager Steve has but I don’t think he knows he has. Later, he mentioned it, if I had seen it and I just played dumb.

Then my father just shows up at work. From the counter I see him coming towards the side doors. I’m concerned not only because I’m high but because I interpret his unscheduled arrival as signifying something bad has happened and he has come to tell me. I don’t remember how that ended.

While I saw at work, however, I suddenly realized it was Saturday, my day off, and though I tried to go home I was unable to remember where I had parked my car or motorcycle — I could not even recall which one I had used to get here. Just before waking up I see a single frame of my car parked in strange parking space. I opened my eyes at around 4 — when I would start work if it was not, in fact, Saturday.


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